Case Heavy Equipment Review

Case Mini Excavator

I've run every single excavator brand that's ever been made, and I took on the challenge of doing a review on a Case mini excavator. And I'm going to tell you, it was my job to find a flaw in this machine. When I do an equipment review I don't want to just give you all fluff and not give me anything critical to take away from it, but I couldn't find a problem with this machine. I have literally never run a better excavator for size, weight, and power in my life. When I got into this machine, it was very intuitive. It was almost second nature. It was the way I like my controls laid out, but that isn't a critical element. You can always get used to the way a machine is laid out. The absolute most important factors are just two factors. You're pulling power on your bucket is one of them. But even more important to me than pulling power on the bucket, is track power. I would tell you that it is very easy to get yourself in trouble in an excavator. You over estimate your abilities with that boom to do things, and then all of a sudden your machine starts to sink. And the only thing you have at that point holding you up is the boom and your tracks have pull you out.


That's where a lot of excavators fail. Not in this case. This machine was able to pull itself around the job site with absolutely no hesitation. But the polling power on this machine was flipping phenomenal. To the point where it's almost dangerous. This is a machine that I felt was for an advanced operator. There was an s button. I don't know what the "S" actually stood for but I gave it to different power ratios. So there's one point where you're operating in S mode. It's good for your average operator.  When you hit this button, you get this extra power out of the machine. The machine will literally tear itself apart for you. It's that strong of a machine. Now, this was a three-day test that I took it through, but I've never been more impressed with an excavator when I was in this excavator.

Big Power - Small Machine

I didn't feel like I was actually in a mini excavator. There were times that I felt like I was in a much bigger machine but in a compact small size of all the excavators that I've ever driven. This one, by far, was the most impressive for a mini excavator. I felt like I was in a much bigger machine. I felt like I was able to perform at a higher level than what a mini excavator should perform. Definitely, if you're in the market for a mini excavator consider this machine. I know when it comes time for my next excavator this is going to make the top of the list. So how do you like it? I like it. A brand new machine. What's not to like? Yeah. Is there anything that could be improved upon? That back massage chair. That's it. Seriously. Come on man there’s got to be something that you'd like to see different about the machine. Outstanding. I would love to drive this anywhere. Goes on and off the trailer easy.

Buttons and Knobs

I'll tell you straight up, I am not impressed with buttons and knobs. Give me a machine that's got a lot of buttons and knobs on it, and I'll give you a machine that's trying to cover up for lack of performance. It's all flash and no function. This machine is not like that. This machine is simple, well laid out, easy to use, powerful, and quiet. I like this machine. This is my control panel two friggin knobs. I'd like two knobs.   the kind enough I want I want everything to work. Long term my long over my seat called Van. Simple Fast forward easy to go. Main panel right here. Fuel gauges. I know what my warning lights are. This is the way I like a machine. This Case mini excavator just got more impressive as we use it.  This project took us three days to complete and instead of being able to find flaws with the machine, as we actually got used to how the machine operated. It actually became better. so please to do a review on that Case skid loader next. Are you sitting there next to you guys. God bless. These videos help me out and let me know in the comments below if there's a piece of equipment you want to see review. Case Skid Loader Review


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