Case Skid Loader Review

At the same time that I was testing out a Case mini excavator, I was also testing out a new Case skid loader. This machine is built like a tank, but it is not flawless. I was absolutely blown away by the Case mini excavator, but with the Case skid loader, I was just very impressed. It still gets high remarks, but let me tell you a little bit about the good points about this Case skid loader. And then let me tell you where I think they could maybe make some improvements. One of the things that absolutely was amazing with this case loader was its responsiveness.

The Good

One of the things that absolutely was amazing with this Case loader was its responsiveness.  Now I used the hand control machine, but I prefer hand/foot controls. That's what I just grew up operating, but in this case, the hand controls were absolutely so responsive. So what do you think of it?  Really responsive. I noticed that.  The hand control machine like is great. It takes awhile to get used to.  I've been doing it with foot pedals for 16 years.  Almost toi touchy.  But I'm going to guess you get used to it really fast. It's like putting your controller on high sensitivity on Call of Duty.  You get used to it really fast. Just touch the controls and it was almost like it was responding at the same rate that you were moving, and as far as it controls. You could literally take the bucket and flick the dirt in.  There are very few machines that can do that. Where you have a little bit of dirt on the edge of the bucket here and you want it in the center of the bucket. You just go *boop* and it falls right back where it's supposed to go. That is how fast response of these machines are.

Areas of Improvement

As far as some of the things that I'd like to see improved. I'd like to see more belly clearance on these machines, and that's just simply a matter of maybe putting some bigger tires on the machine. But it was a little bit of a belly dragger, and a machine that's built like a tank can't afford to drag its belly through the dirt. It's going to make it hard in wet, sloppy conditions. We used this machine in some very wet conditions, and you can see where the ruts that are left behind could become problematic. Some bigger tires and maybe a little bit of a redesign will work. The controls in the machine. When I sit in the machine, I found that there were a lot of bells and whistles that were a little bit distracting.  I like my controls very symbolic and straightforward. I don't want any anything that is necessary to be inside the cab. Just keep it to the basic information, the critical things that keep the machine operating safely and securely. I've found some of the controls (the start, shut, lock button) were little small, and they were a little bit hard to read and find.

Big Red Buttons

I like big red buttons for my controls. Tell me exactly what's going on. These are very minor points, but we're talking about machines that have been redesigned. OK. And if Case is trying to get this machine to that point functionally this machine is there. I mean the controls are as responsive as anything else you can you can ever hope for in a machine. It's just the user interface. Maybe they need to look at that a little bit more. That, though, is my personal preference.  A lot of operators like to see the controls the way they have, and that's fine for them. For me, I want to be able to reach inside the machine, without looking, and be able to turn it off.  And why do I want to do that? If I want to have a conversation with that operator, I want to be safe. I don't want to have the operator accidentally hit a button or accidentally hit something. Remember, these are super responsive controls.

Easily Turn the Machine Off

So it's second nature for us when someone outside the machine wants to talk to someone inside the machine, if the person inside doesn't turn it off, the person outside reaches in, flicks a button, and turns it off. Minor improvements can be made to the machine. This machine is built like a tank. Top quality. Case makes good stuff, and my experience Case has always made good stuff.  I have a case dozer. I've had a case pay loader. I've never had any issues long term. Absolutely. I love Case equipment, and this Case skid loader is built just like the rest of the Case line. Case Heavy Equipment Review


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