Pond Mucking + Giant Water scorpion + Excavator

Stan: We're getting dirty today. 

Stan: Alright, guys. It's a full day today. We're going to be mucking out the stinkiest, nastiest pond you can imagine, and then by the end of the video, my son somehow manages to fall into it, which is completely awesome. We're also going to be talking about pricing jobs, how to actually do a job like you're gonna see today. So, without wasting anymore time. Let's do this thing.

Stan: "Hey Elliot, come pick this up." 

Elliot: What is it? 

Stan: It's a water scorpion.

Elliot: How do you pick it up?

Stan: Very, very carefully, 'cause if they actually sting you, it'll turn your flesh inside out.

Elliot: Yeah, so I'll film, you can pick it up. How's that for a deal?

Stan: Okay, so the problem is, when you let me pick it up, let me hold the camera here real quick. Hey Tim, can you hold this camera? I want to show Elliot something with the water scorpion. So Elliot didn't have the nads to pick up a water scorpion. 

Elliot: That's...

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Part 1 - How to run an Excavator for Beginners. What you Need to know to get started

Stan: Alright, guys. We are going to be talking about everything excavators, and we're gonna be talking about how to run one of these. Now, I'm gonna be coming at you guys from the point that I've been doing this for 27 years with no formal training. The only thing I gotta say about it is, I've been able to survive that many years running an excavator. But, I wanted to call in a pro. Somebody that actually teaches people how to run excavators, and that's where I got Danny from Volvo in.

Stan: Danny, hey buddy.

Danny: Stan, thanks man.

Stan: Thank you. Thanks for doing this. Now, Volvo is the one putting on the training for us today. By the time you're done, what Volvo hopes to accomplish, and what I hope to accomplish is that you guys can hop inside one of these, be familiar and comfortable enough with the machine, that you can safely get through to the end of the workday without hurting yourself, without hurting anybody else on the job site, and without hurting the piece of...

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Excavators - One of the Top 4 Tools a Landscaping Company NEEDS

All righty. We've got an awesome video for you today guys, because it's all about the heavy equipment. But we are going to be diving deep, and getting very specific in talking about one of those pieces of equipment you absolutely will eventually need to run any kind of an outdoor service related business. If it's landscaping, excavating, demolition, you guys are gonna need to have this in your tool chest, and it's an excavator. But what we're talking about today guys, can apply to any kind of piece of heavy equipment that you may be looking at buying. And what I mean is we're gonna talk about new versus used, what brand of equipment you should buy, and more importantly, why you'd wanna pick out a certain brand. And lastly, we're gonna be talking about sizing that piece of equipment to get the most use out of it. Do you go really big, or do you go really tiny? You wanna size it exactly right, so that you can get the most use out of it before you need to reinvest into a different...

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Case Skid Loader Review

At the same time that I was testing out a Case mini excavator, I was also testing out a new Case skid loader. This machine is built like a tank, but it is not flawless. I was absolutely blown away by the Case mini excavator, but with the Case skid loader, I was just very impressed. It still gets high remarks, but let me tell you a little bit about the good points about this Case skid loader. And then let me tell you where I think they could maybe make some improvements. One of the things that absolutely was amazing with this case loader was its responsiveness.

The Good

One of the things that absolutely was amazing with this Case loader was its responsiveness.  Now I used the hand control machine, but I prefer hand/foot controls. That's what I just grew up operating, but in this case, the hand controls were absolutely so responsive. So what do you think of it?  Really responsive. I noticed that.  The hand control machine like is great. It takes awhile to get used to....

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