Pond Mucking + Giant Water scorpion + Excavator

Stan: We're getting dirty today. 

Stan: Alright, guys. It's a full day today. We're going to be mucking out the stinkiest, nastiest pond you can imagine, and then by the end of the video, my son somehow manages to fall into it, which is completely awesome. We're also going to be talking about pricing jobs, how to actually do a job like you're gonna see today. So, without wasting anymore time. Let's do this thing.

Stan: "Hey Elliot, come pick this up." 

Elliot: What is it? 

Stan: It's a water scorpion.

Elliot: How do you pick it up?

Stan: Very, very carefully, 'cause if they actually sting you, it'll turn your flesh inside out.

Elliot: Yeah, so I'll film, you can pick it up. How's that for a deal?

Stan: Okay, so the problem is, when you let me pick it up, let me hold the camera here real quick. Hey Tim, can you hold this camera? I want to show Elliot something with the water scorpion. So Elliot didn't have the nads to pick up a water scorpion. 

Elliot: That's...

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