Snow Wolf - The Dumbest Snow Plow Ever Made for a Skid Steer

So I'm here at the Snow Wolf manufacturing facility and what I want to show you is called the Quattro Plow. Stan: I want you to put it in the back drag position. Colten: What’s that? Stan: All the way over, fold the wings backward.

Containment to Back Drag

Stan: We call this the "dumbest snowplow in the world" because it doesn't get any simpler than this.  You can take the snowplow from a containment unit to a back dragging unit with no special connections. Stan: Now I want you to pull the wings forward, that is called the containment position. Alright now fold them back. That's back dragging!  This would have to be on the front of a caterpillar you could put it on a Bobcat you can take this off this machine put it on any single skid loader without any wiring without any connections. Stan: Sonny is going to show us how easy it is to hook up... Stan: One hydraulic hose, two hydraulic hoses, not even high flown as necessary to operate this, simply unplug this one, you unplug this one then you pull up with a different machine, plug those two in. It cannot get any simpler than that. My ten year old son figured how to run this. Stan: What grade are you going into? Stan: Watch his thumb.  He can angle the plow and then go from back drag to containment in one move. Using the existing controllers on that skid loader.  Nothing else is needed. You guys can do the same. Stan: Sonny, you want to take this away for us?

Beah Balls

Stan: What's up with the beach balls Dirt Monkey?  Well, it is the middle of August and this was the only thing I could think of to replicate. snow. Still really what I want you to watch is how maneuverable this four angle containment plate is, complete angle from side to side while in containment positions and then just by using the existing controllers on your skid loader you can go up to a door flip it into back drag, pull the snow away from the dock loading doors if you want left up the blade flip it into containment unit right here. Put it back down grab the snow you just back dragged away and push it into its final place, it’s that fast, it’s that maneuverable. Stan: Next the Mark, the president of Snow Wolf is going to talk about how to use dedicated wide out range. Mark: Wolf: For those if you ever need to back drag this plow will use what we call a wide angle position, so that these wings will never come back past ninety degrees. So just like what we are displaying right here, you can put these wings in the wide angle position, you had twenty three inches per side to whatever moldboard that you get with the Quattro Plow. This will give you the maximum productivity in no small snowfalls, the one inch snowfalls where you just want to clear the maximum amount of pavement in the shortest possible time.

Plowing Innovations

Stan: You know I absolutely love the innovations happening in the snow plowing industry right now, when manufacturing companies compete we win and this Quattro Plow is a great example. This is a serious day at Snow Wolf Corporate Headquarters right here. This snow plow is an absolute game changer.  There's nothing else that I've seen like it. So go to Snow Wolf plows and check them out for yourself. Stan: That is back drag position. Now it goes right to containment, grabs its own pile, and pushes it down the road. It's that fast, it doesn't get f


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