Lawn Mower Safety - How to Avoid an Accident

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Breaking news right now a man is fighting for his life after a landscaping accident. The man had to be pulled from a pond after his mower tipped over into a pond with a rider on it. Stan: An incredible amount of people are injured or killed every year in lawnmower related accidents but let's find out how many accidents there are we're going to talk to somebody a whole lot smarter than me. Hello McFly, you're up. Three two one! Reporter: He rolled over an embankment into a creek and then that riding lawn mower he was on, fell on top of him. Stan: The sad truth is a lot of these accidents can be prevented. We're going to cover three simple steps to keep you safe. But before we get into that, how many accidents are there actually every year. Relax, calm, down breathe through your nose, not your mouth.

Accidents Happen

Stanley: Oh! Well, thank you Mr. Monkey, but you can actually call me Stanley. First off Mr. Monkey, I just want to say thank you for giving me the...

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