How to Install Shade Tolerant Discovery Bermuda Sod and Selecting the Best Bermuda sod

Discovery Bermuda Sod

Let's take a couple minutes and talk about sod. In this case, we're talking about Discovery Bermuda Sod. The success of your site installation project is going to depend on a couple of things. First and foremost the prep. How you prepare the yard? How you amend the soil? Do you loosen the earth? What you do with the existing weeds? Do you spray them? Kill them? Get rid of them? Scrape them off? Secondly, though, and what we're going to talk about now, is the quality of the sod product itself. In this case, I'm using Discovery Bermuda Sod. Discovery Bermuda is an incredible shade tolerance Sod. It requires about 3 hours of sunlight a day. There are 504 square feet that come on this pallet. Pallet typically come in 504 square feet.

Fresh Sod

This Sod just arrived on our job site and there are a few things that I want to point out to you. Looking at the top and saying, "Well I see some green. I see some brown and some other colors in it." This is just now coming...

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