Spring Lawn & Yard Care Tips Without Chemicals


You want a bright green lawn but you don't want to wear a hazmat suit to go outside into your own yard, I get it! We know chemicals work but chemicals also work their way down through the groundwater and into your local ponds and streams, turning your local ponds into fluorescent green mats of algae that look like something out of a Shrek movie. So let's talk about natural ways you can accomplish the same result without using chemicals, let’s get started. Now let's get into fertilization; natural fertilization comes in three forms. The first form is feather meal, the second form is peat moss, and the third form is worm castings.

Speaker 1:

So peat moss is basically just accumulated bio matter, so this comes from peat bogs and then is used as a grower by just drying some stuff out of it. Sometimes it's like in a brick, and you break it up, you add water to it, you kind of mix it and then you can plant into it. All of these are safe, natural alternatives that your grass...

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