Erosion Control and Silt Fence

There's a right way and a wrong way to install silt fence, so I'm going to cover that today. Let's talk about the orientation of the fence, the difference between standard fence, steel reinforced fence, and bio logs.

Silt Fencing

We're out here installing silt fence. Now we've already got one row of silt fence which has been up and functioning for about 90 days now. But the city wants to see a reinforced silt fence. I'm going to show you the difference between them and show you how to install them. Jake's just manually digging a trench, or you can get a trencher. This way works well. You have to get about a six-inch deep trench to tow it in. Now as we look at the one that's already been installed and been in service for a while now, you can see that it's actually buried right there and that's a key element. The other thing is which way you orient the silt. A reinforced silt fence looks like this and actually has wire mesh. It's more of a permanent structure.

Reinforced Silt Fence


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