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How to Turn a Hill into a Flat Yard with a Retaining wall

  How to Turn a Hill into a Flat Yard with a Retaining Wall Today what we're going to be talking about is how to turn a hillside into a usable backyard. What we initially saw when I came out was a steep slope that ran directly into the back of this customer's house. It led to multiple issues; the first one was drainage. Everything on the site drained right down into their basement which created floods during heavy rains. The second was there was no room to use the yard for anything. They wanted flat enough space that they could have their kids play in the backyard.  But they also had a budget. So the solution that we came up with was to chunk it into three separate parts. The first part is excavation, which is what you see behind me right now. The second part is stabilization. Although we're creating a flat space, we're also creating more aggressive slopes on the site.  They need to be stabilized. And then the third phase of this project is...

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