Ironlace Shoe Lace Challenge - Worxmen

I was sent these expensive laces places to test, but don't think they planned on the way I would test them out. I torched them, I pull the loader with them, I pull the pickup truck up a hill with them and I try to lift three thousand pound plate packer with the shoelaces. Travis at Worxmen sent me these expensive laces and he told me to give them a try, but I don't think he thought I was going to try them out like this..

Shoe lace test! This truck is going to be in neutral, and this truck is going to pull it.

So it's here, alright, broken is not an option. Let’s try to tow a truck with them. So you call that slightly uphill too. Just a little bit. It didn't even stretch. The shoelace didn’t even stretch dude. There's no way. Holy crap The iron lace can tow a pickup truck, but what can it do with a loader? Let’s check it out! So here's what we know so far about the shoelaces.  If you're ever in a fire, your boots will melt to your feet but you shoelaces...

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