How to Start a Business from Broke with Mike Michalowicz

.Starting a Business with No Money

Speaker 1: Alright I’m on with Mike Michalowicz, he is the author of four absolutely amazing books that are going to impact your life. Speaker 2: Well I just want to address one of the most challenging issues that most businesses have; a lack of resources. You lack money, you lack contact, you lack a network, you can’t find the employees. What I found is, actually "lack" is your best tool, your best advantage, but you don't know how to use it. So I explain how that adversity of not having, you can leverage and springboard from your competition. Speaker 1: So you teach contractors and business owners in general how to start with absolutely no money whatsoever and then to grow their business. But what they are learning while they are starting with no money, is how to survive but, then you take it in the very next book, The Pumpkin Plant and you go hey, you know what? You grew, you started. It’s time to stop surviving and it’s...

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