Million Dollar Pond and Waterfall Business

All right I’m with Greg Wittstock. Some of you may recognize him from the Tv Show "Pond Stars." Greg is the number one manufacturer in North America of pond products. We just got done doing a podcast, and Greg literally told us how he went from having absolutely nothing to owning a $60 million a year corporation with 95 employees. He has been in the Fortune 500 top fastest growing companies four years in a row.

Greg Wittsock

Thank you for coming on. Today we talked about something that I think is a critical element. We talked about manufacturing, distribution, leadership management, and your new academy.  You touched base on were how you grow from nothing to something and gave us four strong points in leadership and management. Can you go over that with us?

Different Stages of the Business

Greg: When I started off, I was in the field working directly with the guys. Then I developed the 20 step way of building water features and that was our system. Stan: So you...

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