Mistakes to Avoid when Sodding

Stan: One of my newer guys screwed up on a sod job today, and it wasn't his fault at all. It was my fault for not giving him a clear enough sense of direction on what not to do while I was busy explaining all of those little details that make for a successful sod installation. So today we're gonna cover the best time of the year to lay sod, what not to do, and the things that you need to get ready so you can have a perfect lawn. So without wasting any more time, let's get into it.

Stan: Problems started when I went out to the job site and noticed that some of the sod had been laid on top of existing turf. Now you can lay sod over existing turf, and it will grow. This is the freshly laid sod before we did the repair, and this is the same spot after, it looks almost identical, and the customer didn't have a problem, and didn't know there was an issue. But it's not the recommended way to do it, and it's not the way I'm gonna leave one of my job sites.

Stan: To correct this specific...

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