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How to Make Money as a Teenager

Interviewer: I'm with Matt Dardening and he started cut short landscaping when he was eleven years old he's nineteen years old and he just purchased out East Ridge Landscaping and he's grossing over one point two million dollars a year, we're going to find out how Matt got started, we're going to look at the journey they got into where he's at right now we're going to share some of that, some of the Matt's best, best things that he's learned over these years.   Matt: We up sale everything Edges exoneration, tree fork, landscape fork . Everything you can think of, we know what our clients will pay, we know what our clients will allow us to do, how far we can push them. I was trading all that money I had  saved up into actual equipment. I was going on a spending spree to the point where my parents actually said if you’re going to live in our house...   Interviewer: Matt, how you doing today buddy?   Matt:`Pretty good, how are you. Interviewer:  I'm good...

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