How to Handle Cut Utility Lines while Landscaping

Mistakes Happen

The project that we're working on is this townhome complex behind me. We've got about 18,000 square feet of shade tolerant discovery Bermuda sod going in behind these town home units. The entire length of these buildings is about 1100ft long and this project is presented a number of problems. I want to talk specifically about utilities. All of the cable, gas, power everything runs right behind these buildings.  Tight down the center is the main gas line.  We've obviously located everything, but we have still had a number of lines get cut.  We're hand digging drainage from all of these buildings, every downspout, every air conditioning unit, all the condensate line surface basins. We're hand digging it into a series of storm basins that are already in place and we're going to be putting wraps around each of the storm basins.

The Unavoidable

This project we have had cut utilities which I would consider unavoidable.  The white wires behind me are...

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