Commercial Rooftop Drainage Solution


So, we've been called out to take a look at a commercial drainage project, and I want to walk you through what the solution is. So, I'm going to start at the end of this line. We've got a large commercial building. We have four points on this building, which really, technically, isn't enough.

So, a lot of water is coming out at two points on the left side of the building and two points on the right side of the building through what's called a "scupper," which is basically a roof drain that will discharge towards the top. And this water will rush out of the top of the building onto the ground like a waterfall.

Once that water flows down this way by gravity on top of the surface, there is a large drain basin existing in the ground. That drain basin is right about here, about 10 feet behind me. And that drain basin discharges with a six-inch corrugated pipe that only comes partially the way down the hill.

And it has to run over all of this dirt and gravel area before it hits the...

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