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Explosive Growth Series

For the first time in the history of Steel Toe University and for that matter, in the history of landscape educa...

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Office Systems - Profit First Accounting

What if I decided to pay myself FIRST? What if I took my profit on the front end, essentially forcing myself to stay ...

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Sales and Marketing Systems

Every time you drop the ball on a lead, it costs you money, profit and time. On top of that, it hurts your reput...

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How to Install Landscape Lighting

Diversify your current business & learn how to install landscape lighting!  This series of videos will take...

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Write Bulletproof Contracts

Protect your business with "Bulletproof" Contracts! Originally released only to our MasterMind Group, this is an excl...

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Overhead Recovery - 8 Week Series

This Overhead Recovery 8-week series will take business owners and managers by the hand to determine their overh...

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How to Write a Contract

Once you land a job, it's important to protect yourself so you get paid as agreed upon.  Unfortunately, there ar...

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How to Bid Paver Patios

Get the blueprint for installing paver patios. We cover construction notes you need, building your proposal numbers, ...

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Pricing Components, Overhead & Financial Statements

This mini-series covers the basic numbers that ANY service business should know when giving an estimate. T...

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Commercial Lawn Care Estimating Course

This course will take you by the hand through the process of bidding the lawn care maintenance for a commercial prope...

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How to Bid Retaining Walls

Learn all the details of putting together a bid that covers your entire job scope. Bid your job with confidence. To ...

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Bullet Proof Lawn Maintenance Contracts

Originally created for members of the Dirt Monkey University Mastermind Group, we have released this series ...

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