Belgard Paver Patio


About a week ago, I shared a video with you about a patio that was behind a retaining wall where we were doing some water proofing. A comment was made to please keep you updated on the project status. So, here it is. Here's the update. The job is complete. I meant to do a shot in the middle of it, but we moved pretty fast on this project. So last time you saw this job, the ground was down and we had excavated behind the retaining wall where we were putting in our drainage and we were waterproofing everything. Well now, this paver patio is complete and you get an idea of what everything looks like and how it turned out.  We had an elevation change that brought this new patio up to the level of the deck stairs which I think looks great.  It actually had 3 more deck stairs coming down before,  so here's a shot of the finished paver patio.

Belgard Lafitt Paver Patio

This is a Belgard Lafitt Paver Patio. It's a Belgian blend color. We have edging and an engineered edge restraint around the edge. A lot of times you're going to see a troweled concrete edge that a lot of contractors like to use. It is not my personal favorite, and I never use those on jobs.  However, I have seen them used successfully.  The reason I don't like them is that I find that the troweled edges tend to get so hot in the summer time when the sun beats down. This grass has a very thin lip and what happens is that these grass around the perimeter of the patio will actually burn and expose the edge of that concrete. And of course, a lot of times that concrete will end up cracking over the course of time.

Engineered Plastic Edge

I personally am a strong advocate for the engineered plastic edge restraint that a lot of the paver manufacturers produce and sell. I think it worked wonderfully in this situation.  This border creates a very clean line and new grass can come right up to the edge of it.  So this is our completed Belgard Patio and I hope you enjoyed that portion of the project.

Project Add-Ons

Let me give you one quick other side note, we wanted to put in a rustic set of stone stairs, so we selected some irregular shaped but flat stone boulders for this set of stone stairs going up. In about another week and a half, this whole area is going to be planted.  Where you see the blue lawn flags back here these are irrigation heads.  We put in an irrigation system back here and quite a bit of sod around the stone steps. So they're going to be able to kind of have these sunken into the ground area.

Cleaning Up

The last portion of the project is back here. As an add on to this project, we installed 3 new river birch trees. Probably don't see a whole lot now because they don't really have adjourned yet. We graded out this whole natural area.  In the last video you may or may not have noticed was just a lot of weeds and overgrown trees. Then we were able to get some irrigation up into this planting bed.  We created this little planter box here with several irrigation heads.  Then on the back portion of the hillside where it's really steep, we put in one hundred creeping blue or juniper plants. The plan is it will come back here in another few weeks and sod this whole backyard area to give them a lawn. So they'll have a patio, a lawn, some stair access to this backyard space and it's just going to be and now they've got four new zones of irrigation to go along with it. So it's been a fun project that took us about a week and a half to complete.  We had a little bit of bad weather in there so that actually delayed us a little bit. But everything turned out beautifully. I'm here to do a final walk through with the homeowner and that's our project. Hope you enjoyed it thanks.  


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