DIY Outdoor kitchen build with Before and After time lapse - Belgard


Stan: All right guys. We're going down to Ohio where Phil and I get together to build an outdoor kitchen. Now Belgard is sponsoring this instructional how to series because they've got a new product that I had never actually used before.

Stan: It's called the Tandem Modular Grid system. And what this does it, it entirely eliminates concrete. It eliminates masonry work. It eliminates everything that goes along with what you would typically think you would have to do to build an outdoor kitchen.

Stan: In fact if you know some general carpentry work and you can frame up a substructure, you're pretty much in business. Because all you have to do with this system is create the framework.

Stan: We screw on a grid system and then your stone veneer literally clips into place. No more mortar, no more mess. None of that.

Stan: A big thanks goes out to Belgard for sponsoring this, for bringing Phil and I down there so that we could put this how to series together for you guys. So what are...

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How to Build Patio Seat Walls & Columns DIY

Part 1 - How to Build a Patio - Ultimate DIY Installation Guide

Part 3 - How to Build a Fire Pit - Stupidly Easy!

Seat Walls & Columns

We're building seat walls and columns today. That's right, we're going to give you all of the skills, the tools that you're actually going to need from start to finish to put this project together. What would be really cool is if we could just have installed this project for you, but this isn't a dream so wake up. When we started, we had our questions.  Questions?! We actually had no clue what we were doing. We've never seen this wall system before in our lives, but we figured it out and we want to show you how simple this system is to actually put together. Yeah, you just have to be able to run a skid loader and a chop saw and other heavy equipment. No big deal, right? Yesterday at this time, this was barren dirt, now you're just bragging, I think I need a weed whip. And a new bench. Today we have a 16 x 16 patio installed, and...

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How to Build a Patio - Ultimate DIY Installation Guide

Part 2 - How to Build Patio Seat Walls & Columns DIY

Part 3 - How to Build a Fire Pit - Stupidly Easy!


Belgard is sponsoring a three part mini-series on how to install seat walls, columns, a patio like this, and a fire ring. Sponsored means: Belgard asked me very nicely (“you mean with money??”) to put together the most comprehensive patio installation guide that's ever been created, ever! But we're going to go even deeper down the rabbit hole than just talking about technical details, we’re going to talk about cost.


We're going to give you everything you need from start to finish on how to build this. You’re probably wondering what type of help do I need, what type of tools do I need. We're going to tell you, step by step what it's going to take to complete this project. Stan: There is no chance I can get all that done in one video. That's a good excuse to subscribe. Now you prep the base, tell me exactly what you did? Phil: To...

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Belgard Paver Patio


About a week ago, I shared a video with you about a patio that was behind a retaining wall where we were doing some water proofing. A comment was made to please keep you updated on the project status. So, here it is. Here's the update. The job is complete. I meant to do a shot in the middle of it, but we moved pretty fast on this project. So last time you saw this job, the ground was down and we had excavated behind the retaining wall where we were putting in our drainage and we were waterproofing everything. Well now, this paver patio is complete and you get an idea of what everything looks like and how it turned out.  We had an elevation change that brought this new patio up to the level of the deck stairs which I think looks great.  It actually had 3 more deck stairs coming down before,  so here's a shot of the finished paver patio.

Belgard Lafitt Paver Patio

This is a Belgard Lafitt Paver Patio. It's a Belgian blend color. We have edging and an engineered...

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