Milwaukee Tools - Tortured, Tested and Pushed to the Limit

Milwaukee Tools - Behind the Scenes

Stan: I'm taking you behind the scenes today for the Milwaukee tools torture test. I got a chance to go to Milwaukee Wisconsin and tour the factory, and these guys literally tortured their tools. It's something that would make a grown man, laugh, smile, and cry all at the same time but maybe not necessarily in that order. Stan: I mean they had an absolute blast proving that their tools are professional grade; doing some very unprofessional things to them. We're talking about sling shooting tape measures into retaining walls. Speaker 1: For tape measures, it's all about durability. so for this tape, it is a competitor's tape. 25 ft and 25.99 inches. Speaker 1: Pretty intense as you can see, complete destruction on the tape. As you can see, the housing broke right at the top. Speaker 1: Next James, want to show them what happens with the Milwaukee? Speaker 1: Same test. Fully functional tape, doesn't break. That is...

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How to Build Patio Seat Walls & Columns DIY

Part 1 - How to Build a Patio - Ultimate DIY Installation Guide

Part 3 - How to Build a Fire Pit - Stupidly Easy!

Seat Walls & Columns

We're building seat walls and columns today. That's right, we're going to give you all of the skills, the tools that you're actually going to need from start to finish to put this project together. What would be really cool is if we could just have installed this project for you, but this isn't a dream so wake up. When we started, we had our questions.  Questions?! We actually had no clue what we were doing. We've never seen this wall system before in our lives, but we figured it out and we want to show you how simple this system is to actually put together. Yeah, you just have to be able to run a skid loader and a chop saw and other heavy equipment. No big deal, right? Yesterday at this time, this was barren dirt, now you're just bragging, I think I need a weed whip. And a new bench. Today we have a 16 x 16 patio installed, and...

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How to Build a Patio - Ultimate DIY Installation Guide

Part 2 - How to Build Patio Seat Walls & Columns DIY

Part 3 - How to Build a Fire Pit - Stupidly Easy!


Belgard is sponsoring a three part mini-series on how to install seat walls, columns, a patio like this, and a fire ring. Sponsored means: Belgard asked me very nicely (“you mean with money??”) to put together the most comprehensive patio installation guide that's ever been created, ever! But we're going to go even deeper down the rabbit hole than just talking about technical details, we’re going to talk about cost.


We're going to give you everything you need from start to finish on how to build this. You’re probably wondering what type of help do I need, what type of tools do I need. We're going to tell you, step by step what it's going to take to complete this project. Stan: There is no chance I can get all that done in one video. That's a good excuse to subscribe. Now you prep the base, tell me exactly what you did? Phil: To...

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