DIY Outdoor kitchen build with Before and After time lapse - Belgard


Stan: All right guys. We're going down to Ohio where Phil and I get together to build an outdoor kitchen. Now Belgard is sponsoring this instructional how to series because they've got a new product that I had never actually used before.

Stan: It's called the Tandem Modular Grid system. And what this does it, it entirely eliminates concrete. It eliminates masonry work. It eliminates everything that goes along with what you would typically think you would have to do to build an outdoor kitchen.

Stan: In fact if you know some general carpentry work and you can frame up a substructure, you're pretty much in business. Because all you have to do with this system is create the framework.

Stan: We screw on a grid system and then your stone veneer literally clips into place. No more mortar, no more mess. None of that.

Stan: A big thanks goes out to Belgard for sponsoring this, for bringing Phil and I down there so that we could put this how to series together for you guys. So what are...

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How NOT to Build with Pavers - Why They FAIL!

Speaker 1: You took it from me last week, I remember.

Speaker 2: There's no doubt that pavers make the absolute best road based material available period, hands down. History has proven it. There's been roads built out of pavers and stones that have been around since 2500 B.C. Now you can't say the same thing for asphalt or concrete, but pavers are subject to three typical kinds of failure. Rotational failure, vertical failure and horizontal failure. We're going to cover those, so hopefully you can prevent them and build your own driveway, that'll last maybe not 2500 years but it'll last longer than you or me both.

Speaker 2: Now in the past you've seen me make a video talking about how about the base is the absolute most critical element to the overall success of your project and this still holds true. But for pavers, it goes a little bit further than that. If you happen to have an asphalt or a concrete driveway, we're going to cover some of the similarities in failures that you...

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How to Build a Patio - An easy Do it Yourself Project

  Today we're giving you some professional tips and techniques to help you build an amazing backyard patio of your own and it's all about the base and nothing to do with the bricks.  This means we're building a cutlass paver patio and we're going to show you how to do the same. So, let's get into it.

Base Material

We're going to divide the base into three distinct categories, the first category is what we call the sub base and that is the raw soil.  How to prepare that? What to look for? And what you're going to need to know to make sure that when you lay your patio now, it looks the same ten years from now. The second category is what we call the imported base material.  That's what you use to separate the sub base from your pavers.  The third category of base material is your sand base or your screed rail, and there may be a little bit of controversy on this last point.

Sub-base: Soil

Let's look at the sub base material or the raw soil. This is the most...

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