How NOT to Build with Pavers - Why They FAIL!

Speaker 1: You took it from me last week, I remember.

Speaker 2: There's no doubt that pavers make the absolute best road based material available period, hands down. History has proven it. There's been roads built out of pavers and stones that have been around since 2500 B.C. Now you can't say the same thing for asphalt or concrete, but pavers are subject to three typical kinds of failure. Rotational failure, vertical failure and horizontal failure. We're going to cover those, so hopefully you can prevent them and build your own driveway, that'll last maybe not 2500 years but it'll last longer than you or me both.

Speaker 2: Now in the past you've seen me make a video talking about how about the base is the absolute most critical element to the overall success of your project and this still holds true. But for pavers, it goes a little bit further than that. If you happen to have an asphalt or a concrete driveway, we're going to cover some of the similarities in failures that you...

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Asphalt, Concrete or Paver Driveways - Which is the best?!?

Asphalt, concrete, or brick stone paver patio, which surface is right for your property? We’re going to go over the pros and cons of each, what kind of maintenance you can expect out of each material and what the initial investment is in relation to the other materials when you're thinking about first doing an install.


Let's start with asphalt. Asphalt, the average price is going to vary by your geographical location but will be between four to eight dollars per square foot. Asphalt typically has the least initial investment into it but be warned, asphalt also has the highest level of maintenance of the three surfaces that we've covered. After your initial installation happens, about every three years you should expect to do a resurfacing. Asphalt is going to develop cracks and you have to apply a rubberized compound which stops the cracks from spreading and spidering throughout the driveway.


Concrete comes in about dead middle for initial expense, averaging...

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