Caterpillar, John Deere, Toro, Stihl, Whats the best equipment for Landscaping Excavating

I've been asked that question a few times, what’s the best brand for my company? And they are clear this caterpillar takes the cake what do you think of these guys.

Could the best brand be Terrex?

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That's why I called the experts from two different fields to have two different opinions.

Brad is like the Einstein of repairs, if he can't fix it, nobody can. that's the one I need. Guys are looking at getting into a brand you have a recommendation?

Not specifically, I won't be stuck on any one brand, they're all the same, they all run basically what some of preferences the availability of dealership are mechanics to work on them you're trying to balance what you guys are used to with how well the shop in the area will treat you.

I would recommend staying with something where the parts are readily available Caterpillar you're going to get their parts right away, Bobcat same thing and then the off brand ones of course they're going to be more difficult to get parts for, but they are pretty much run and operate the same way.

Before we get started guys, I found chemo on Instagram, He is freaking awesome. Hi guys I've got chemo Clark from Truth Excavation out of Hawaii. What's the best piece of equipment out there? CAT, KATE, KAMATU, BOBCAT, What brands do you like Chemo?

Chemo- The answer to that question doesn't exist. Because, there is no best piece of equipment. Just because you run something for a week and everything feels great and powerful doesn’t mean it's the best thing.

Stan: If it doesn't impress you when it's brand new, it's not going to get any better when it's old, worn out and beat up. It just doesn't work that way.

Chemo: No matter the manufacturer, no matter what the brand is, for the life of that machine, you have to deal with the dealer.

Stan: And we all know that some are better than others.

Chemo: It truly is a marriage, because until you get rid of that machine you're going to have to deal with the dealer.

Stan: Guys become so loyal to a brand that they become blind to anything else. I'm guilty of that, this is my 11th Ford truck and Ford haven’t impressed me, but I keep buying them I think it's time to try Chevy. They just go on just the CAT guy or I'm just a blah blah blah guy nothing else is good all machines are going to break down, they're all going to have issues and you're going to have to take that in to get repaired and if the guy that's going to repair your piece of equipment be like this this guy, it doesn't matter how good that piece of equipment isn't that what because it's broke down and you're still dealing with the attitude of the shop that's going to take care of you.

Chemo: 100% agree, the thing with brand loyalty it's like you're stuck in a little box because you're so loyal to that brand you just you know you want to try me. Else you know or some people you know it kind of makes sense because you want to have the same fleet because you're dealing with one dealer.

Stan: When you're running a fleet, it does make the most sense to stick with one brand as long as you like that guy.

Chemo: Obviously, every brand doesn't need a perfect machine every single weight class every single year.

Stan: What brands do you currently on?

That kind of the next leap but not kind of mostly CAT not because I like out that's also on the person to say you look in my social media and I just blast CAT. I mean every single thing they do wrong. Let there be points you know that if they do something good, I say it and I give them credit for that but most of the time I'm disappointed with CAT. Because I feel like every machine does the same thing, you know they have an excavator, you know a lower load they all basically do the same thing.

chemo: They all pretty much run and operate the same way, with a little variation; one machine might be a little stronger one that might have a bigger cab you know one house was a little faster but they basically do all the same thing. I go out because you're thinking first of all they lend you money they're basically my bank.

Stan: Let's be real, equipment financing plays a major part in a purchasing decision if you can get zero percent financing on a piece of equipment, that's changed a lot of guys minds.

Chemo: And that for me is why I chose CAT, actually not because the machine is necessarily better.

Stan: It's all the little things that make a big difference. Where are they located? What's that reputation like what kind of financing do they offer? In the long run, all of those things affect your bottom line. I’ve got John Deer case.


But I don't have brand loyalty any single one of them I always look at the individual machine before I look at the brand. For the guys out there listening, what piece of advice would you give? What should I look at I want to buy a piece of equipment?

John: You go talk to your dealer you know how far away are they? How is the customer service? The sales guy you know return your call? How comfortable you are? How well we're going to get here because in the end, it's all customer service. Machine they all do the same thing, they're all going to break for one. So who is going to be on your side when machine breaks, when you know problem, who is going to be there for you? I personally, if I don't mind I let you buy and all I doubt I'd buy a John Deere I'd be stuck with taking out like you certainly cherry picking one thing Clausen, Yes You just go for what works best for you. I live in the middle of the ocean and we don't have that option.

Stan: So that's a great answer guys if you're looking at it you live in a small town or you live in an isolated area late chemo does, make sure that you actually interview the dealer that's going to be providing you service in your area because that is going to be one of the biggest factors to the overall success.


Stan: Chemo, thank you guys; go to Instagram you can find chemo@truthexcavation on Instagram facebook, everything is all truthxecavation. He’s got the bright green machines you can't miss him chemo. Thank you for your time today, appreciate it.

Chemo: Nice talking to you

Stan: So it seems like they both agree instead of being blind to a brand to be open to opportunities. I hope this video has helped you guys out. If it has, leave me a comment down below or hit the like button. God bless, go get them and let me know what kind of equipment you prefer to buy. Let's find out, I want to hear from you in the comments down below.


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