Caterpillar, John Deere, Toro, Stihl, Whats the best equipment for Landscaping Excavating

I've been asked that question a few times, what’s the best brand for my company? And they are clear this caterpillar takes the cake what do you think of these guys.

Could the best brand be Terrex?

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That's why I called the experts from two different fields to have two different opinions.

Brad is like the Einstein of repairs, if he can't fix it, nobody can. that's the one I need. Guys are looking at getting into a brand you have a recommendation?

Not specifically, I won't be stuck on any one brand, they're all the same, they all run basically what some of preferences the availability of dealership are mechanics to work on them you're trying to balance what you guys are used to with how well the shop in the area will treat you.

I would recommend staying with something where the parts...

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How to Landscape a Steep Slope Without Retaining walls


I'm taking you into a project today, where thinking outside of the box saved a customer twenty thousand dollars. We're going to be transforming your yard, aren’t we? We’re going to save you tens of thousands of dollars instead of rebuilding this retaining wall. We're going bring this slope in. Customer: And stop my patio and three season porch from falling into the woods. Host: Yeah, it's falling down. Too many times people automatically fall into this belief that they have to reinstall what is already in place. Oftentimes what is already there is a failed design or inadequate for their updated needs and their circumstances. I'm here with the customer, so now that we're done, what do you think about, from where we started the concept we started with, which is kind of unusual? We didn't rebuild the retaining wall, what we focused on was eliminating the need for retaining and cutting your budget by nearly half, by doing so.

Customer wife:

I absolutely love it, my...

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