Q & A Construction, Landscaping, Lawn Care- How I got Free Education #2


I try to learn from every single person I meet. Every person. Andrew, I can learn from you. I can learn from the neighbor or the milkman because every person in this world has unique experiences that have taught them things that I can benefit from

University of Hard Knocks

I've never taken a single class on any of that, but I did get a Master's degree at the University of Hard Knocks. So, I'm probably the living example of just good old get it DONE. DO IT. DO IT. Learn from everything that you've ever done along the way. I'm constantly talking with people and seeking out experts. Always looking for people that have skill sets that are outside of my skill set. Sometimes it's just crazy. My wife says, "I can't believe how you talk to that person!" Because I literally will go crazy trying to learn everything that they know. It doesn't matter if they're within my profession or outside of my profession.  I'm actually even more aggressive in real life than my podcast. I’m in love with my customers, because a lot of my customers live in million dollar homes and I'm like, "hey what do you know for a living?"  They'll tell me to go really what is that what does that entail you know it's a great example as a customer just recently developed medical diagnostic imaging equipment and created his own business but guess what that customer is going to fold all of his secrets to me because I am just that way I try to learn from every single person I meet every person.  


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