Tools in Action Reviews Dump Trailers for Landscaping, Construction, Equipment or Lawn Care

I'm in Chicago with the Tools-in-Action guy and we're going to be talking about landscape trailers. What I consider to be one of the four most critical pieces of equipment and these guys have hands on experience they just purchased one so they're going to walk us through what to look for you know landscape equipment trailer.

Thanks guys for having me on.

Speaker 2: Thanks for coming out, I appreciate it awesome.

Main Speaker: it is good to the expert out seriously. I am knowledgeable about trailers but I am not as knowledgeable as you would be you would be using the stuff every day and on the job know stuff like that I'm sure we're going to get used to finite daily but you know we want to hear what you want to see what you feel about this

Speaker 2:

OK but the way you guys speced this out this is absolutely Cadillac top of the line yes it is what I want to cover because not all trailers are created equal and it's easy to mistake the cheaper trailer and get into it and you know I didn't the most bang for your buck right is there and that's what we want to cover .I'm one of these guys that are watching this right now to be able to go hey look this is who he was with one of these Axelrod and this happened we won this thing to know what their lives were needed I'm already done all of them research. Alright let us started. Three, two one.

Speaker 2: We really just one of the dump trailer for a lot of projects we've got going on fire wood and dumping vaults you know and then we start to get into like gravel applications like my brother in law has a farm he's going to do a lot of work so he kind of wanted to use thing it also he was off like me for going to be able to do that with one dump so we just started looking at the P.G.A. we started looking into other options and a lot of their options you could get it's like buying a car so you can pretty much by the base vehicle and then you can start adding things to them.

With the trailer completely customizing it to my customized it takes about six weeks to get.

It was up built in Texas some of the things we added were the bigger radial tires we added we added a dual battery dump system so one way how to feel when we're dumping it's got to battery instead of once actually with a little bit so you are with six thousand two hundred axles instead so it's very sound like seven thousand pound want to make sure we get this clear you want was seven the next he's over six so I was on axles you know you can harm more but it's also much heavier duty application.

Speaker 1: it is

Speaker 2: Just a heavier duty system right and also the bigger we are straight axle is that I don't know what they call it the lower axle this is the D.L. trailer which is their load up which was never any we raised that a little bit only because basically when you're jumping with a low deck height when you drop your load you have to pull forward and then you know with this with it being higher it should join a whole load right there so that was one of the features. Speaker 1: So let's talk about a few of the key points that they mentioned you don't want to cross over if you want heavy duty tires.

That's an important thing because here's kinda the load you don't want to be on the side of the road with a blowout.

Speaker 2: exactly

Speaker 1: What would have you do the axle just well you know you went with a two battery system on it because a lot of times the problems with these dump trailers the batteries just can't hold up you also have some pretty cool things with this system that power up power down option but also the gravity down brashness you are going to save the life of the battery it's going to get more because these things they charge when they're actually hooked up to the truck but it will charge just a trickle charge. That's just enough to get you by right wing right you still have to charge and plug it in every night and two and then we have to do you do a battery option with us like the actual life but also with the gravity down is let's say you are in a job site and you just used the last of you battery keep it up and something don't have gravity down it's not coming down to give us a charge. So we should back it's stuck on site you know you're going to be able to grab it right.

Speaker 1: I mean that is something to make sure that you look into that. I want to talk about the cross members here bracing on the bottom because dump bed is meant to haul you sometimes you can haul concrete as well you can how have your applications and you don't want your bed to get this ripple effect.

A great little happen then instead of it being perfectly flat it's going to sit out here just like right now we're getting a mix of snow and rain those divots are going to hold their moisture and that's going to rot out the your bed so you have to keep it propped up a little bit if you don't up your bottom your butt but the heavier cross members helps keep your back from getting beat to hack.

Speaker 1: Exactly and I think they add more craft numbers off I think like the original was like sixteen ounce and you need only twelve are closer together yeah so you're going to put more in there think you have enough production on paint as well yeah OK they also are for P.J. now offering multiple colors and different kinds of they used their work to dupot come up with a really good power according to them they get orange-red tractor green orange and pretty much like this-this is what they do with a really nice job.

Just told me how to put them in the game pick this up with a fork in the roads are still stuck with the salt All right thanks very much saw it down and really there's no rust if you go around with the axle I see a little rust there in there but the whole thing is protected which is. Pretty good you know other commuting back here. Four years old now and still holding up

Speaker # 3: A couple things to also notice with this trailer is you've created to have an integrated Turp

Speaker #1: right yeah and we thought that was a no brainer just because I mean the last thing I want to do is debris and stuff flying out of the bed so with this integrated but I don't remember the tarp around the just like too low Yeah yeah yeah and I've also got a spare tire which these are extras now these days come standard on a trailer so don't get fooled into thinking that OK The These guys have it no this is stuff they're going to you can pay back the additional for but you also have dump gate is right is that standard?

Speaker # 2: I believe the doc gave the standard it opens both Barn door style and dump style. That are still there but the only other options I think that we put on that were the Jack the trail jacket bigger Bulldog track. And the center cylinder with the D- rings to the right the right yeah that's a huge thing yeah that was one of my biggest part is that I want to get one with no d ring I want to quit my. Big fan of the D Rings I forget the more they were twenty-five but.


Speaker # 1: why I think it don't trailers were critical elements in the landscape isn't his you know me haul material but you can haul equipment to your job site can drop off your excavator your skid loader and you can load it up with your country your grab your standard pickup truck to tow what you can also get you have. This this hitch just hooks up to the standard truck but you can get the option of having it actually hook into the truck bed the fifth wheel

Speaker #2: Yeah yeah. I think after we did the board we did the weather Yes Yeah that's kind of you think of the blue cord, flexiablityIt's got a lot of flexibility to it so even I like negative and would still have The flexibility and that to me. That to mean with a no brainer to becuase we are in Chicago it gets cold which I will get four but I have to get a quarter before Step one and pull back

Speaker 1# so when you look at your trailers make sure that you start to understand they're not not all created equal we're not going to it I'm not going to endorse P.J. over one although I do personally own P.J. trailers I think that there are a great trailer but you want to individually spec the trailer I just want you to be cautious that you understand that you may look at one trailer it's three thousand another trailer seven thousand there is a reason why it really is very so much priced. Because all of these upgrades all of these options cost more but it's one of the four most critical pieces of equipment that you can bring into your landscaping business or your lawn care business this is what I consider to be a good investment.

Speaker 2# Yeah exactly every place that we both are things like a tank so it's ready for anything from going to just do a lot of mulch no problem going to fill up with gravel.

Speaker 3# Less hassle attics to you know yeah

Speaker 2# I don't feel you but the danger with P.J. is on the back or Jackson come down so when you're loading his kids there you know you're not he said that second P.J. we like P.J. I mean everybody was shocked that you had P.J. so. Yes

Speaker 1# All right it was a big thanks to Dave here it for having me and especially for them for swapping us through their P.J. trailer what to look for in a trailer home please help you guys out and I want to ask you guys to me if they were go over and check out tools in action and go to their website tools in action dot com for more tour reviews you guys you're out there you're buying tools you want to know what's the good ones are what's going to work for your business it's good solid you. Make a good I appreciate everybody they reach out and you go right for you see that

Speaker 1# : you know we're huge fans you can't be a supporter of this guy you know it's growing with you and your audience just generally don't believe the right. Things Goodell was going to banks. If you want to reshoot the interview without you tell those very oh you're. Right like where I think you said that we're not in the fashion of your shirt I got it to you so it really was history should have been really do you mean to sum up get me

OK, I think I realize believe very little snow was this question of why do we know he said Oh we know you're you know we're going this way is it not all because now

All I ever say and you know you're right I think if you point to some of those it why do you spend that much right to get a doctor over here for you really tell us why you think that way we're going the trailer that you guys got is the top of the line that of these guys need they don't need Bottom line that's good fortune and truth is a lot of these guys are going to have a salesperson trying to sell them something that is much inferior to what they're going to pay the same price and they're not going to walk away with the same quarterly huge point that these guys need to understand and so therefore we're going to say Look forward to these details you know because you get this type of a lot through the wire anywhere but like Thought understand where a premium and cheap share they are going over what are the four circles to the front of one with three trucks still larger many excavators and a dumb trio those are the four critical pieces of equipment to get started to start in a landscape where the better you President made and then you know if you are seen to have a very yeah I mean the done through the way the guys have it. Allows the people who are purchasing it to warrant a piece of equipment take it out to it not just use it for material they can get lower.

Speaker #1 : I got to understand got to hang with these guys for day and they are absolutely awesome just fun down to earth guys and by the way, this was Dan's idea for a thumbnail.


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