Tools in Action Reviews Dump Trailers for Landscaping, Construction, Equipment or Lawn Care

I'm in Chicago with the Tools-in-Action guy and we're going to be talking about landscape trailers. What I consider to be one of the four most critical pieces of equipment and these guys have hands on experience they just purchased one so they're going to walk us through what to look for you know landscape equipment trailer.

Thanks guys for having me on.

Speaker 2: Thanks for coming out, I appreciate it awesome.

Main Speaker: it is good to the expert out seriously. I am knowledgeable about trailers but I am not as knowledgeable as you would be you would be using the stuff every day and on the job know stuff like that I'm sure we're going to get used to finite daily but you know we want to hear what you want to see what you feel about this

Speaker 2:

OK but the way you guys speced this out this is absolutely Cadillac top of the line yes it is what I want to cover because not all trailers are created equal and it's easy to mistake the cheaper trailer and get into it and you know...

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