Diesel Truck Vs Gasser- Which is a better choice?

Should I Buy Diesel or Gas?

You know for me a truck is a tool, not a toy. As soon as I take my truck off road to have fun with it, I'm basically playing with my money. When I buy a work truck, I want to make sure that I'm absolutely maximizing the bang for my buck. I want to try to get the absolute most return out of my initial investment for that truck. What we'll talk about is the concept do you want diesel or do you want gasoline. When I think about diesel trucks, the thing that I think about is that I have about a ten thousand dollar initial investment over a gasoline truck. But if that's a truck that I'm going to be using long term, then I don't mind investing in that truck. If I plan on holding on to that truck for ten or fifteen years, then I'm going to look at buying a diesel truck. If you can prove fuel economy is there, you have good power in the diesel truck. Between the fuel economy and the improved power, a diesel engine is a great way to go. Plus they are typically...

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