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Mowing Thick, Tall Grass on the Impossible Site - This Is oddly satisfying. Steep slope with washouts

Stan: We don't know how well this is going to work. This is a complete-

Tim: Sounds to me, I was talking to the homeowner, he's been trying to tackle this hill for three years, and can't get anywhere with it. He keeps working on it. He's like, "You think you're going to get it done in a day?" I go, "Would that be depressing if we got it all done in a day for you?" He goes, "No."

Stan: We can actually see the bottom part. It's totaled out. That thing is done.

Stan: This was about as impossible as a job could get. A 2:1 slope that you could barely stand on, brush that was seven, maybe eight feet tall, but it wasn't just brush, it had stumps and logs buried and littered throughout. Then plus, on top of that, washouts that you could not see at all.

Stan: The first step is to get the Ventrac ready to clear the slope that then we can bring in a skid loader and scrape the slope down to turn this brush heap into a yard. Let's see how this goes.

Stan: We got the call that a property hasn't...

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Toro Grandstand Review - Mowing a Steep Slope

Stan: All right, we're in Saint Paul, Minnesota and we're going to be doing a product review, the Toro 52" Grandstand Mower. We haven't left anything to chance on this video, we're going to talk about the capabilities of this lawnmower, and if you see we've got a laser ...

Stan: Because camera angles lie, it's easy to make a modest slope look more aggressive than is, I've taken the time to set up a laser. We've measured the actual height of this lawn over the run going down to determine the actual angle that this lawn [inaudible 00:00:42]

Stan: Just a little bit over a 1.15 to one rise to ration run on this job site. This is about as extreme as you would ever want to attempt to mow. What you're going to find we're going to do in this video is not only show you how this Grandstand works behind us, but the fact that you can take it sideways on a hill like this. I don't recommend you doing this, but we're showing you what these lawnmowers are capable of in this video. I want you to...

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