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Mowing Thick, Tall Grass on the Impossible Site - This Is oddly satisfying. Steep slope with washouts

Stan: We don't know how well this is going to work. This is a complete-

Tim: Sounds to me, I was talking to the homeowner, he's been trying to tackle this hill for three years, and can't get anywhere with it. He keeps working on it. He's like, "You think you're going to get it done in a day?" I go, "Would that be depressing if we got it all done in a day for you?" He goes, "No."

Stan: We can actually see the bottom part. It's totaled out. That thing is done.

Stan: This was about as impossible as a job could get. A 2:1 slope that you could barely stand on, brush that was seven, maybe eight feet tall, but it wasn't just brush, it had stumps and logs buried and littered throughout. Then plus, on top of that, washouts that you could not see at all.

Stan: The first step is to get the Ventrac ready to clear the slope that then we can bring in a skid loader and scrape the slope down to turn this brush heap into a yard. Let's see how this goes.

Stan: We got the call that a property hasn't...

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Lawn and Yard Care Tips - Aeration, DeThaching, Overseeding for a Gorgeous DIY lawn

There is a brand new phenomenal technology that's finally available to us. it's called core airvation. What? Do you like it? We're going to discuss that in comparison to dethatching and in comparison to core aeration and there are critical differences.

Core Airvation

In this video, we're going to cover them plus when you would want to do each service. I own a detaching unit. I've never used it at my own house. I rent the core aeration plug machines.  I've never used it on my own property.  As soon as I was able to get my hands on the core airvator, I went over my own yard not once, not twice, but fifteen times. About how many times have you gone over this spot do you think? And the grass is not destroyed? No. What is a core aeration or simply put soil fractionation and I know that's not really putting anything very simple but what it does is it literally drive spikes into the ground and then as those spikes are very below ground the shake rattle and roll. And they loosen...

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Ventrac Tractor Review - Stuck in the Mud

Ventrac Tractor Review

The project was restoring a beach; the challenge was the ground was too soft to even support the weight of a skid loader with tracks. As soon as you try to park a loader down there, it would just sink until the Ventrac came in. First thing we were going to do is just give it a test run. We were just going to see what it could do. So, we brought up the brush hog, brought out a stump grinder and we brought out a power rake. We had to remove the old dead vegetation, grind down and get rid of all the stumps and level off the ground so that it can be converted to usable yard space. We tentatively went in not knowing if the brush hog could handle what was down there. This thing was an absolute beast. It blew our minds away. I would have never said in my wildest dreams that this tool could handle brush like this. What we found out is, this brush hog not only cuts it down, but it pulverizes it. It basically leaves very little behind which is a beautiful thing because...

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Milwaukee & Chicago Tools, Ventrac


My 12-year-old daughter introduced me to this thing called Instagram, and I absolutely love it because I get to do some of the craziest things you would ever think of. it or not. This is the actual swimming pool the frogs you and. I have let it Believe it or not, this is an actual swimming pool. Look at the frogs jumping. I have never. Oh the smell of this thing. It's like a cesspool. It just reeks. We found a couple dead squirrels at the bottom of this thing. Maybe I've come across a Chicago hammer and I absolutely hate it. And I want to share that with you guys.  We are going to fix this hammer.  It's never worked right Step one: Find the wheel very carefully. Step two: add gasoline.  Step three: get a match. Follow me if you want to see me burn, build and break stuff for free. Maybe there's something like this Milwaukee coat that I'm like, "I absolutely love this coat." But I want you guys to know that if you're looking at buying some winter wear,...

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