Ventrac Tractor Review - Stuck in the Mud

Ventrac Tractor Review

The project was restoring a beach; the challenge was the ground was too soft to even support the weight of a skid loader with tracks. As soon as you try to park a loader down there, it would just sink until the Ventrac came in. First thing we were going to do is just give it a test run. We were just going to see what it could do. So, we brought up the brush hog, brought out a stump grinder and we brought out a power rake. We had to remove the old dead vegetation, grind down and get rid of all the stumps and level off the ground so that it can be converted to usable yard space. We tentatively went in not knowing if the brush hog could handle what was down there. This thing was an absolute beast. It blew our minds away. I would have never said in my wildest dreams that this tool could handle brush like this. What we found out is, this brush hog not only cuts it down, but it pulverizes it. It basically leaves very little behind which is a beautiful thing because...

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