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How to Break down a Landscaping Job- Mulch, Sod, Edging, Excavation, Demolition, Grading, Pricing

Stan: How do you eat an Elephant? This is a concept they use the especially when I'm bidding landscaping project. We are getting set to do a complete makeover project on this yard, strip everything out and regarded it and reinstall everything brand new and this is something that I want you guys to get I want burst straight in there and I don't want it to ever leave because you're going to use this concept how do you eat an elephant for almost everything that you have to do to build your business. You will be able to apply this concept of every component of your business especially when you're bidding landscaping. You get into these big projects you like ah man where do I even begin, to build a job like this you develop it the answer is one bite at a time now I want you to stop what you think about this concept because it's going to apply to everything you do. One bite at a time means you break down the job you break down the pit the very first thing if you feel that you're getting...

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