Filthy leaf clean up is the perfect test for the Hurricane Leaf blower

Elliot: But look at how heavy this stuff is. 

Bob: Dude, that's wreck. 

Elliot: This is wet. This is grass, dirt, leaves, sticks. It was blowing this no problem. 

Bob: Yeah, that's nuts, dude. Every now and then a company will come along that's so absolutely confident in their product, that they'll let me do a long-term test on it with no restrictions. Ventrac did it, then last year Wright mowers did it, and this spring Hurricane stepped up to the plate and did the exact same thing. They let me borrow one of their leaf blowers without asking me to do any single thing for them in return. No videos, no pictures, the only thing they wanted from me was honest feedback on how their product performed. Let's see how these things actually step up. 

Bob: The whole story starts when I went out to Muskegon, Michigan. I wanted to get a snowplow or push blade put on the back of my pickup truck and the guys that make that push blade also happen to make these Hurricane leaf...

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Fall Cleanup Leaf Removal Tips Plus Help Bidding

Whether you're taking on a leaf clean-up job or a landscaping project, you're not always going to have the right tools to accomplish that specific job.  But, don't let that slow you down. After 32 years of being in this industry, I still don't have all the equipment that I need to get every project done. It doesn't stop me, and it shouldn't stop you. Today I'm going to show you two ways that you can bid a fall clean-up job. We're also going to teach you how to make a "leaf burrito". I'm going to show you how we handle doing jobs when we don't have all the right tools and equipment. So without further ado, we're going to get this video rolling.

Leaf Burritos

So you don't have a leaf vacuum, but you have a trailer and a tarp.  We call it the "leaf burrito." Put it on a tarp and you can haul a lot of leaves. When you don't have a leave vacuum, you get creative. So he pulls plenty of...

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