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Welcome to today's mastermind group and what we're going to be talking about today is almost  the key to growing your business. Phil would you say that this is a key key element to the growth of a very fast and often overlooked one.

We're very eager to get that first improve. Nothing feels better than hiding. Finding and hiring the right-hand man that leader that you're hopefully going to develop. Today we're going to talk about the written part of the job description.

The key things that you want to outline and we're going to make an extra emphasis we're going to put extra emphasis on your not hiring somebody to fit to accomplish tasks we want you to hire somebody for the outcomes that you want. And this is what's going to create longevity in an employee. This is what's going to provide the direction that they need and clearly outlined by the person that it is not just you have to be able to lift this much weight or...

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087: Chad Barrett - Succeeding Despite Disabilities

Chad has always been a very hands-on and visual learner.  In school, he struggled with bookwork but excelled when it came to building and doing.  No matter how you think and solve problems, you have to adapt that to your business.

Chad has dyslexia and has learned how to use his "disability" to his advantage when it comes to solving and anticipating problems on the job site.


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Belgard Paver Patio


About a week ago, I shared a video with you about a patio that was behind a retaining wall where we were doing some water proofing. A comment was made to please keep you updated on the project status. So, here it is. Here's the update. The job is complete. I meant to do a shot in the middle of it, but we moved pretty fast on this project. So last time you saw this job, the ground was down and we had excavated behind the retaining wall where we were putting in our drainage and we were waterproofing everything. Well now, this paver patio is complete and you get an idea of what everything looks like and how it turned out.  We had an elevation change that brought this new patio up to the level of the deck stairs which I think looks great.  It actually had 3 more deck stairs coming down before,  so here's a shot of the finished paver patio.

Belgard Lafitt Paver Patio

This is a Belgard Lafitt Paver Patio. It's a Belgian blend color. We have edging and an engineered...

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Preventing Your Customer From Making Bad Choices

When the customer is wrong

Now we know that the customer isn't always right. On today's project, I'm going to actually take you with me when we walk through a job where the customer is clearly wrong. So, this is going to be removing the swimming pool and building a paver patio, in this courtyard area. In fact, I'm going to challenge you to start to understand that the majority of the time, the customer, they don't know what's going on in their project, but you are the expert. They're relying and depending on your expertise to guide them and direct them to the point where you've also got to protect them from themselves. On today's job site we're going to show you exactly where this happened. So let's get into it. Now in this specific case, the customer wanted us to remove a swimming pool, then he wanted a remote patio installed. See this permit? It's orange; it should be gold. It took me two weeks to get this permit to remove the swimming pool when it should have taken me two hours....

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How to Get Started in Asphalt Seal Coating

Marvin with Wis-Coat

Stan: I am with Marvin with Wis-Coat today. He's going to talk about sealcoating. It is a very lucrative additional business that you can get into. It can be either be a solo business, or it can be an additional service onto whatever outdoor service business you're already doing.

Marvin: True.

Stan: Marvin was eighteen years old. He saved up enough money to start his own seal coating business and now he's doing up to eight thousand dollars a day in seal coating driveways. He's going to teach us how you can do it as well.

Stan: Before we get started, Marvin, can you just tell us what exactly is seal coating?

What is Seal Coating?

Marvin: So your asphalt over time loses some of the essential aggregate that's on top. You'll notice that it goes from smooth to a little bit rough, and then if you look across your neighbors and theirs is cracked and has potholes, that's from lack of seal coating. So what a seal coating does, this goes on top. We use a product, either...

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How to Backfill a Timber Retaining Wall

57 Stone

Today I do not want to talk to you about dirt. I want to talk to you about this stuff: 57-stone. This is a course stone about 3/4 - 1" and it's great for drainage.  We're building a paver patio that's going to extend off of the house to just a portion underneath this deck. So, what's important here is this wall’s pretty short. It's about 3 ½ ft tall at its highest point, so you might be tempted to try to get away without drainage. We've seen a lot of jobs where contractors will just backfill with dirt only.

I do not recommend in any situation but specifically where water is going to be sloping down and has a potential to seep in behind this wall. What we've done here is we've put in a boat load of this 57-stone instead of using dirt.  In a normal drainage system, you're going to have about 12 inches of dirt that you're going to wrap in a fabric and allow that to create a separation between your gravel and your dirt.

So eventually they don't combine....

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Taxes in Business

Most people would get pretty excited if they were told they had to spend $54,000 in three days.  But, in all honesty, nothing could be further from the truth when you own your own small business. Today's story doesn't start on January 1st when the fiscal year ends. My story actually starts three months prior to that, around October 1st. That's when I begin my end of year budgeting. This year I planned it a little too tight.

Start Planning October 1

What am I talking about? On October 1st I start to forecast where my gross revenue is going to be and where my expenses are then I try to get those to match up as close as possible to eliminate as much profit as I can from the company. The reason I do that is, Uncle Sam will take 30% of all the profit my company shows. Don't get me wrong, I love what Uncle Sam's doing but I don't feel like giving them 30% of all my hard-earned labour....

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Broken Down Equipment & Demo Problems


The story started as I hired a new guy Eliot to come into the company and we have to be snowballing that may be the moment Eliot shows up but it's front-end loader with a tire right up the road. We worked hard to try to pop it back on the beat but we didn't have any luck before we were even done with that.One of my loaders blew a rear transmission hose which should have never happened but the mechanic said he's never seen that hose blow before his life. So lucky me of course but then I had the fun doesn’t end there my want to let other front end loaders blew one of the lift our cylinder hoses and so Elliot is walking around with me he's looking at all the equipment breaking down all the things happening around me and he looks at me says Is this normal and that's when I realize that you guys don't get to see what happens behind the scenes and that these companies do everything in their power to cover up all of their battle wounds and scars and it's those wounds and scars .


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083: Murray Kruger – Using Social Media to Build Business and Get Free Tools


Murray Kruger and his wife own a construction company and they started posting pictures on Instagram in the summer of 2014. Now, because of his Instagram following, companies are sending him FREE tools all the time for him to review on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media accounts.

When he started, he was posting about 3 times a week, and now he posts 3 times a day. To date, he has almost 50,000 subscribers to his Instagram page.  What does he do with the extra tools that he can’t use?  He uses some for giveaways and donates some to causes like Habitat for Humanity.

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Kruger Construction on Instagram

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