Can a Kinetic Wood Splitter Handle Big Logs ?!?

Speaker 1: Cool.

Speaker 1: Alright guys. In the first video, Frankie spouted his little mouth off, bragging about how he could beat any log splitter out there, but when it came to the Power King Log Splitter, he pretty much met his match. This thing was lightning fast and you've guys seen just how fast this thing could operate. Well, I wanted to find out what made this tick. So, in today's video, I'm going to pull it all apart.

Speaker 1: I'm going to look at it in depth to try to figure out how this thing works and what's good about it, and what's not so hot about it. But before we get into this thing, I will tell you that I actually do like this log splitter. So, I'm going to put a link to it down below where you can buy it on Amazon for residential use, occasional use. This is a fine unit. Now, I did go out and do a ton of research and found what I consider to be the best unit on the market. And so, that's going to come up in the next video in this series where we take my brand...

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What NOT to do with Heavy equipment. Warning signs & mistakes in a 60 ton rock truck #1

Stan: You're going to learn how to drive a 60 ton rock truck today. But besides learning what to do in it, you're also going to learn the things to avoid so you don't end up rolling it over like the guys on Gold Rush did on one of their episodes but I owe a big thank you to two people today, the first off is Volvo, I put this idea to them and they're sponsoring this entire series on how to run heavy equipment, but they're not here to try to sell you their equipment so if you're looking for a review on rock truck and excavators and pieces of equipment, you're not going to find any of that there. This is strictly a how to run heavy equipment, just to get new guys in the industry familiar with the in's and out's, the do's and more importantly, the don'ts of running heavy equipment. 

Stan: And the second person I owe a big, I mean a giant thank you to is my wife because I brought her with me to Pennsylvania just to be my camera operator so I could put these videos together. And...

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Day at Work Mowing wet Grass, splittin wood, talking cheap clothes & good shoes ?!?


Speaker 1: Good morning.

Speaker 2: Good morning. 

Speaker 1: How you doing, little man?

Speaker 1: You gonna go in and see Guam? You gonna hit me? That's a good morning punch, right? How you feeling? Good to see you, Hunter. Good to see yeah. 

Speaker 3: He's always so chatty. 

Speaker 1: He walks by and he's gonna slap me like, what are you teaching your kid?

Speaker 3: Good things. 

Speaker 1: He walks up, he's going to hit me in the leg, I'm like, "Crap, that's a chip off the old block." There's the other little sicky. Hi little man, you gonna go see Guam? You gonna go see the Guam?

Speaker 1: Good morning, Jake.

Speaker 3: Good morning. 

Speaker 1: Did you, did you have a nice sleep in? It's 9:30 in the morning, it's nice you could show up to work today.

Speaker 3: Yeah. Sleep. That's what I got. 

Speaker 1: I heard the kids are sick?

Speaker 3: Yep. Yeah they are. 

Speaker 1: His kids happen to be my grandkids.

Speaker 3: Slept for an hour.


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DIY Outdoor kitchen build with Before and After time lapse - Belgard


Stan: All right guys. We're going down to Ohio where Phil and I get together to build an outdoor kitchen. Now Belgard is sponsoring this instructional how to series because they've got a new product that I had never actually used before.

Stan: It's called the Tandem Modular Grid system. And what this does it, it entirely eliminates concrete. It eliminates masonry work. It eliminates everything that goes along with what you would typically think you would have to do to build an outdoor kitchen.

Stan: In fact if you know some general carpentry work and you can frame up a substructure, you're pretty much in business. Because all you have to do with this system is create the framework.

Stan: We screw on a grid system and then your stone veneer literally clips into place. No more mortar, no more mess. None of that.

Stan: A big thanks goes out to Belgard for sponsoring this, for bringing Phil and I down there so that we could put this how to series together for you guys. So what are...

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