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Million Dollar Pond and Waterfall Business

All right I’m with Greg Wittstock. Some of you may recognize him from the Tv Show "Pond Stars." Greg is the number one manufacturer in North America of pond products. We just got done doing a podcast, and Greg literally told us how he went from having absolutely nothing to owning a $60 million a year corporation with 95 employees. He has been in the Fortune 500 top fastest growing companies four years in a row.

Greg Wittsock

Thank you for coming on. Today we talked about something that I think is a critical element. We talked about manufacturing, distribution, leadership management, and your new academy.  You touched base on were how you grow from nothing to something and gave us four strong points in leadership and management. Can you go over that with us?

Different Stages of the Business

Greg: When I started off, I was in the field working directly with the guys. Then I developed the 20 step way of building water features and that was our system. Stan: So you...

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Can 1 Landscaping Job = 60 lawn cuts?

I'm meeting with Brian right now. We are going to be re-landscaping, and so I make sure we are on the same page.  What we’re going to be doing is we will be getting rid of these trees and bushes. I’m going to cut all of the bushes down.  We’re going to haul that out.

Think Outside the Box

If you guys cut grass, I want you to start thinking a little bit outside the box and expanding your services.  I’m going to take you step by step through this $2,400 dollar job. It took us two days to complete with two guys and a minimal amount of materials.  Now you see me running a skid loader right here. You don’t need a skid loader to pop trees on the ground. Keith Kalfas has an amazing video where he shows doing the exact same work with a pickup truck. But I want you to understand that this project was done in two days.

2 days = 60 Lawns

It would be equal to cutting 60 lawns over the course of a summer. The profits are immense because of the...

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Diesel Truck Vs Gasser- Which is a better choice?

Should I Buy Diesel or Gas?

You know for me a truck is a tool, not a toy. As soon as I take my truck off road to have fun with it, I'm basically playing with my money. When I buy a work truck, I want to make sure that I'm absolutely maximizing the bang for my buck. I want to try to get the absolute most return out of my initial investment for that truck. What we'll talk about is the concept do you want diesel or do you want gasoline. When I think about diesel trucks, the thing that I think about is that I have about a ten thousand dollar initial investment over a gasoline truck. But if that's a truck that I'm going to be using long term, then I don't mind investing in that truck. If I plan on holding on to that truck for ten or fifteen years, then I'm going to look at buying a diesel truck. If you can prove fuel economy is there, you have good power in the diesel truck. Between the fuel economy and the improved power, a diesel engine is a great way to go. Plus they are typically...

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A Sticky Landscaping Legal Problem

Landscaping Legal Help

Today we’re going to talk about the legal problems. I am by no means an expert on anything legal, but I do have a lot of unfortunate experiences.  I’m gonna share two horror stories out of the fricking catalog of horror I have. Hopefully, this will help you guys out.

Unauthorized Retaining Wall Repair

The first horror story I am going to share with you something some of you may be familiar with. We did a giant boulder retaining wall, and during that process, something happened to the neighbor's retaining wall. My customer asked me to go out and fix the neighbor's retaining walls. He was just nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs that the next door neighbor was going to mad at him. He wanted me to help them out in some way. Because I was doing such a big project for him in the first place, as a kindness to my customer, I went to the neighbor’s house and fixed their retaining wall. That guy is suing me...

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Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn care #3

Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn care #1

Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn care #2

And once you start to learn how to do it over and over again you will always get better and you gotta realize this Francisco somebody is being you learn I love this.This is best part of it somebody is paying you to learn.

Three, two , one

Your last question was about grading how do you get grading the right ?

Franciso; yeah

you know is that what you want to find out perfect I know now you are in my neck of the woods this is what I grew up doing and I can tell you that there are not going to be any two grading jobs are like heart skipping just like everything else there's never going to be two projects alike and we really got to focus on learning how to bid not necessarily just by going by the numbers but how to interpret those numbers.

How to interpret those sites and use your past experience you're going to build up a wealth of...

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Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Review

Bobcat T-180

Today we're going to talk about the Bobcat T-180 and why you may want or may not want this machine in your company. We're going to cover the pros and cons of what this machine can do and what the limitations of this machine are. If you’re looking at a tracked machine, understand what kinds of Bobcat or any tracks machine. There is absolutely no give in this track system.  Not all tracks are created the same. Be careful when you buy a track machine, because you've got to get the right one for what you're doing. We work in the dirt.  You’ll see we've got a very aggressive tread design on here that works great in a situation like this.  But if you go to get on snow or ice, this machine won't move. When you get on hard pavement you're trying to plow with a machine like this forget it.  You're going to have a difficult time moving and you're going to have one hell of a sore back when you're done.

Track Design

There is a track design that has a...

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Ironlace Shoe Lace Challenge - Worxmen

I was sent these expensive laces places to test, but don't think they planned on the way I would test them out. I torched them, I pull the loader with them, I pull the pickup truck up a hill with them and I try to lift three thousand pound plate packer with the shoelaces. Travis at Worxmen sent me these expensive laces and he told me to give them a try, but I don't think he thought I was going to try them out like this..

Shoe lace test! This truck is going to be in neutral, and this truck is going to pull it.

So it's here, alright, broken is not an option. Let’s try to tow a truck with them. So you call that slightly uphill too. Just a little bit. It didn't even stretch. The shoelace didn’t even stretch dude. There's no way. Holy crap The iron lace can tow a pickup truck, but what can it do with a loader? Let’s check it out! So here's what we know so far about the shoelaces.  If you're ever in a fire, your boots will melt to your feet but you shoelaces...

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Hours of Operation can equal Long Term Success


Here’s my buddy Sham McCarthy. He’s the Manager of a Lumber company and he is suffering from a classic burn out. I'm going to tell you guys and girls out there that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and you have to treat your employees like they're going to be around forever. Shawn stuff because he's feeling them burn out.


I work Monday-Friday on a normal basis and every other Saturday.


The point that I want to make is, 6 days on a week, 1 day off is just going to lead to burn out. You guys need to know that you have to give your people in the least 2 days off. Here's the typical scenario when you give a person 2days off (a Saturday and a Sunday). They're going to take Friday night and they're going to decompress and come down from the job. They're going to start to relax and have fun. Saturday, they're still feeling their decompression, but they're starting to come back to life. Saturday is their day off. Sunday morning, they transgress into still...

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How to Bid Mulch - Professional Estimating

How to Bid Mulch

Money is in the mulch, you guys know that I do demolition, excavation, I do all these massive retaining wall projects but there is a reason why I built and developed a course specifically on mulch. Every time you see the mulch, you should be able to see dollar bill certain on the floor in front of your eyes, so get ready and check this out. The reason I built a course directly on bidding mulch is because the profit potential in mulch is absolutely amazing. We are talking about incredible profits of 80%-90% on a job. But there is a rhyme and a reason to achieving those profits. At Dirt Monkey University, I created a course specifically to help contractors like you understand how to format your most proposals to have guaranteed profits every single time. There is no magic mystery number.  I show you how to calculate mulch up and break it down in a per cubic yard or a per ton basis. Whether it's hardwood, rock, or even rubber mulch,  we build profits into...

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