Mistakes to Avoid when Sodding

Stan: One of my newer guys screwed up on a sod job today, and it wasn't his fault at all. It was my fault for not giving him a clear enough sense of direction on what not to do while I was busy explaining all of those little details that make for a successful sod installation. So today we're gonna cover the best time of the year to lay sod, what not to do, and the things that you need to get ready so you can have a perfect lawn. So without wasting any more time, let's get into it.

Stan: Problems started when I went out to the job site and noticed that some of the sod had been laid on top of existing turf. Now you can lay sod over existing turf, and it will grow. This is the freshly laid sod before we did the repair, and this is the same spot after, it looks almost identical, and the customer didn't have a problem, and didn't know there was an issue. But it's not the recommended way to do it, and it's not the way I'm gonna leave one of my job sites.

Stan: To correct this specific...

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Pain Is a Good Motivator

Guest post from Gabe "THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR" Krueger

Why do I wait for a painful experience to learn and/or make a change?

      I was, and still sometimes am, oblivious to my behavior before a painful situation arises of self-awareness. Years ago I started realizing that my troubles were of my own doing. Meaning that when a problem with a customer or subcontractor came up, it usually had to do with my lack of communication somewhere along the line.
A customer asks for extras on a job that is in progress.  They are not in the contract. Being the "nice guy" that I am, I say "Yes! No problem!" Knowing that I am the general contractor on the job and by saying yes, I am helping the flow of the job. Because I do not like when someone or something slows me down. Here is the funny part, the universe is telling me "SLOW DOWN."  However, I ignore the warning and motor on. By the end of the job, they have gotten at least 5-10 little jobs out of me...
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Fighting a Landslide - Heavy Equipment against Natural Disaster

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Dewalt Tool Reviews

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Go from Lawn Care to Snow Plowing

Check out our course: How to Get Started In Snow Plowing

Just trying to get started in snowplowing, this program's going to teach you the entry level ropes. I do these things because I wish somebody had done them for me.

My very first year in snow plowing I got screwed out of 10 thousand dollars by a contractor because I didn't know better. Then I thought I had figured out the system and how to protect myself. I went to work for managerial companies directly.

Five years later, I got screwed out of 12 thousand dollars because I didn't know better. Now, 30 some plus years of snow plowing have taught me the ins, the tricks of the trade, where the real profits lie when you're snow plowing and a guy named [Goggin 00:00:46] called me up and said, "Teach me everything you got, Stanley. Are driveways a good way to go?" Heck yeah, but they're also a managerial nightmare. You do a hundred driveways on your account. Well, guess what. You have to invoice 100 people. There's a way around that so...

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Caterpillar Skid Loader Vs BobCat Skid Steer at the GIE-Expo

Stan: This is just a massive machine. You notice that they pointed out they all face you. They all face the operator. I love what you said, they're not hidden back here. He's a grease Nazi, I found out. They call me the black Nazi, here's the grease Nazi. Every eight hours. But if you're missing the zerk, if you can't find that zerk, do you think that zerk is gonna get greased in 8 hours? No, then what's gonna happen is your pin is gonna wear out. When that doesn't get changed in time, then your bushing's gonna wear out and then you've got a big dump.

Travis: With something like a grommet like that, matters. We figured that out with Bobcat, it's kind of what I like about the Caterpillars, that the attention to detail is there. The price is higher, but things like that are not really happening on a- She said every 50 hours one light's gonna go out.

Stan: Oh, on a Bobcat?

Travis: Yeah.

Stan: I buy used Bobcats all the time. 

Travis: The plate over the lights is a good solution,...

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Lawn and Yard Care Tips - Aeration, DeThaching, Overseeding for a Gorgeous DIY lawn

There is a brand new phenomenal technology that's finally available to us. it's called core airvation. What? Do you like it? We're going to discuss that in comparison to dethatching and in comparison to core aeration and there are critical differences.

Core Airvation

In this video, we're going to cover them plus when you would want to do each service. I own a detaching unit. I've never used it at my own house. I rent the core aeration plug machines.  I've never used it on my own property.  As soon as I was able to get my hands on the core airvator, I went over my own yard not once, not twice, but fifteen times. About how many times have you gone over this spot do you think? And the grass is not destroyed? No. What is a core aeration or simply put soil fractionation and I know that's not really putting anything very simple but what it does is it literally drive spikes into the ground and then as those spikes are very below ground the shake rattle and roll. And they loosen...

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