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4...no 5 Main Tools that All Landscape or Lawn Care Contractors Need

Stan: Four. For 33 years, I thought that there were four basic pieces of equipment, that as long as any landscape company owned, they could tackle just about any project. Then three years ago, on a pure whim, I picked up what's going to turn out to be number five. It didn't become number five right away. In fact, it didn't become number five until I noticed that on every single one of our projects, the crews would eventually bring it out and put it to work. Sometimes, they would put it to work every single day in the project. Other times, they would only bring it out until the very end of the job. Nevertheless, it always went out on every single one of our jobs.

Stan: Now, when some of you guys find out what this tool is, you're gonna go, no way, no how. That's fine. I don't care, because I would have said the same thing four years ago before I owned one. I would have never guessed that this thing would become such an asset to our company, so I don't blame you for not believing me....

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The State of California Took His Money & Left Him with Nothing

Where he went wrong - True story

Did you know that most contractors don’t have enough money in their bank account to cover even 30-days worth of bills? And on top of that, imagine if you had past due payments and all of your personal and business bank accounts were levied…meaning that you wake up to find every bank account has a $0 dollar balance. Can you possibly imagine how this story would have a happy ending? Well if not, then You MUST listen to Carl’s story RIGHT NOW! This turn-around story will leave you inspired and ready to take action. Hear how Carl went from $0 to a MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY in 24 months. This story is not to be taken lightly. I can only imagine that there are more “Carl’s” out there, right now, who desperately NEED to hear this information. So here are TWO SIMPLE ACTION STEPS you can take immediately…

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