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What NOT to do with Heavy equipment. Warning signs & mistakes in a 60 ton rock truck #1

Stan: You're going to learn how to drive a 60 ton rock truck today. But besides learning what to do in it, you're also going to learn the things to avoid so you don't end up rolling it over like the guys on Gold Rush did on one of their episodes but I owe a big thank you to two people today, the first off is Volvo, I put this idea to them and they're sponsoring this entire series on how to run heavy equipment, but they're not here to try to sell you their equipment so if you're looking for a review on rock truck and excavators and pieces of equipment, you're not going to find any of that there. This is strictly a how to run heavy equipment, just to get new guys in the industry familiar with the in's and out's, the do's and more importantly, the don'ts of running heavy equipment. 

Stan: And the second person I owe a big, I mean a giant thank you to is my wife because I brought her with me to Pennsylvania just to be my camera operator so I could put these videos together. And...

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Day at Work Mowing wet Grass, splittin wood, talking cheap clothes & good shoes ?!?


Speaker 1: Good morning.

Speaker 2: Good morning. 

Speaker 1: How you doing, little man?

Speaker 1: You gonna go in and see Guam? You gonna hit me? That's a good morning punch, right? How you feeling? Good to see you, Hunter. Good to see yeah. 

Speaker 3: He's always so chatty. 

Speaker 1: He walks by and he's gonna slap me like, what are you teaching your kid?

Speaker 3: Good things. 

Speaker 1: He walks up, he's going to hit me in the leg, I'm like, "Crap, that's a chip off the old block." There's the other little sicky. Hi little man, you gonna go see Guam? You gonna go see the Guam?

Speaker 1: Good morning, Jake.

Speaker 3: Good morning. 

Speaker 1: Did you, did you have a nice sleep in? It's 9:30 in the morning, it's nice you could show up to work today.

Speaker 3: Yeah. Sleep. That's what I got. 

Speaker 1: I heard the kids are sick?

Speaker 3: Yep. Yeah they are. 

Speaker 1: His kids happen to be my grandkids.

Speaker 3: Slept for an hour.


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DIY Outdoor kitchen build with Before and After time lapse - Belgard


Stan: All right guys. We're going down to Ohio where Phil and I get together to build an outdoor kitchen. Now Belgard is sponsoring this instructional how to series because they've got a new product that I had never actually used before.

Stan: It's called the Tandem Modular Grid system. And what this does it, it entirely eliminates concrete. It eliminates masonry work. It eliminates everything that goes along with what you would typically think you would have to do to build an outdoor kitchen.

Stan: In fact if you know some general carpentry work and you can frame up a substructure, you're pretty much in business. Because all you have to do with this system is create the framework.

Stan: We screw on a grid system and then your stone veneer literally clips into place. No more mortar, no more mess. None of that.

Stan: A big thanks goes out to Belgard for sponsoring this, for bringing Phil and I down there so that we could put this how to series together for you guys. So what are...

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Dewalt- 1st place for the Worst Lawn Mower of the Year

Speaker 1: These all yeah. But isn't that cool right there? Man, that's just all good. 

Speaker 2: Cool.

Speaker 3: How's the girl? Ah them teefers. How's them teefers? Oh you got such a pretty smile. Who's got a pretty smile? You got a pretty smile. Yes you do. Yes you do. All right guys. Sorry about that. Little quality time with the fox there. 

Speaker 3: Where do we go today? All right. First thing I got to say is I get asked the question a lot, who makes the absolute best tool out there. Is it Milwaukee, Makita, or DeWalt? And I've been fortunate enough to be able to go behind the scenes with all three companies and I can tell you that all three of them put an amazing amount of quality into their tool brand. But that doesn't mean everything that they build is absolutely perfect or flawless. And sometimes they build something that it's a complete screw up. And today when I start this video, I assumed that the quality that was going to be in this DeWalt mower would be...

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Common Retaining wall mistakes & how to AVOID THEM, bad designs, bad base, wrong block....#2

Stan: Man, I'm seeing stuff for the first time that I've never seen before. 

Stan: All right, well welcome back guys. Today, we got a pretty packed show for you because we are going to walk you step by step how to base your own retaining wall block. We're gonna take all the mystery out of what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. So get ready for that. Plus, we're gonna talk in detail about why some landscaping companies like to offer "tiered retaining walls." Now I'm air quoting for a very specific reason, because there's kind of a few red flags, I guess would be the way I'd say. If a landscape company is only offering you a tiered retaining wall, there's a reason, and we want to make sure that you guys fully understand all the benefits, and all of the bad things that go along with building a tiered retaining wall.Plus then today, we're gonna talk in depth about why these systems are mortarless. It's crazy, but there's a rhyme and a reason to that as well. So without...

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How to Build a Wood Deck & Install Pavers, Porcelain or Stone Tile over any Deck


Stan Genadek: All right, guys, I pretty excited to talk to you about today's subject, because I've never seen this before I was working on this job site. It's called the Stone Deck System and it's a new product by Belgard. And what it does is it allows the average framing contractor to put a deck frame up and then to actually install porcelain tile, stone tile, pavers right over the top of that. Typically, you would never that because they're just not meant for it. But, they've got this new system created that lets the average person do it. So if you're a contractor and you've always wanted to be able to kind of start to get into hardscapes or create that hardscape look, this is how you do it. This is pretty cool and a big thanks goes out to Belgard for bringing Phil and I down to Ohio, teaching us the ropes on this so that we could bring this to you guys. 

Stan Genadek: So, without wasting any more time, let's go build a stone deck over a wood frame. I know that sounds odd,...

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